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Research & Collections Programme

Growing research through the convening power of Cambridge’s collections

The Research & Collections Programme

The Research & Collections Programme (RCP) was a three-year initiative (2019 - 2022) that aimed to increase research partnerships and funding by utilising the convening power and significance of Cambridge’s world-class collections. 

Development of the RCP began in Michaelmas 2019, with the launch of its Research Growth Networks in July 2020. Its mission was to build a Cambridge Collections Network by identifying collaborative projects based on Cambridge's collections to pursue external research partnerships and funding opportunities as well as raise the profile of our innovative collections research.

The RCP’s Core Principles were to:

  • Work collaboratively across Cambridge’s collections to develop innovative research that furthers the mission of the University.

  • Value and foster equity, diversity and inclusivity in how we design our projects, research teams, events and working groups.

  • Participate fully in research collaboration, exploration, innovation and growth that will have an impact on academia and beyond.

  • Exemplify integrity and openness through collaboration.

  • Provide an intellectual and practical framework for open and creative discussions inspired by Cambridge’s vast and significant collections.