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Research & Collections Programme

Growing research through the convening power of Cambridge’s collections

Executive Group 

Jessica Gardner, Co-Chair (University Librarian, CUL) 

Beverley Glover, Co-Chair (Director, Botanic Garden) 

Luke Syson, Co-Chair (Director, Fitzwilliam Museum) 

Workflow Group 

Mark Purcell (Deputy Director, Research Collections, CUL) 

Neal Spencer (Deputy Director, Research Collections, Fitzwilliam Museum) 


Caroline Bassett (Cambridge Digital Humanities, English, Digital RGN) 

Charlotte Connelly (Chair of CMSG, Polar Museum, Environment RGN) 

Orietta Da Rold (English, Materiality RGN) 

Becky Kilner, FRS (Director of Museum of Zoology, Department of Zoology,  Environment RGN) 

Marcos Martinón-Torres (Department of Archaeology, McDonald Institute, CapCo Co-I,  CHERISH, Materiality RGN) 

Mary-Ann Middelkoop (History of Art, Cambridge; Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford; Ownership RGN) 

Kate Noble (Fitzwilliam Senior Research Associate: Museum Learning; Environment  RGN 

Suzanne Paul (UL Keeper of Rare Books and Early Manuscripts, CapCo Co-I, Materiality RGN) 

Amelie Roper (UL Head of Research, CapCo project coordinator) 

Nicholas J Thomas (Director of the MAA, Department of Social Anthropology, CapCo  Co-I, Ownership RGN) 

Ed Turner (Museum of Zoology, Department of Zoology, Environment RGN) 

Jo Vine (Fitzwilliam Head of Research & Impact, CapCo Project Coordinator)  


Kristi Bain (Programme Manager)

Paola Ricciardi (formerly Fitzwilliam Senior Research Scientist, CapCo PI, CHERISH, Materiality  RGN)