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Research & Collections Programme

Growing research through the convening power of Cambridge’s collections

What is the Research & Collections Programme?

The Research & Collections Programme (RCP) is a three-year initiative that aims to increase research partnerships and funding by utilising the convening power and significance of Cambridge’s world-class historic and cultural collections. Development of the RCP began in Michaelmas Term 2019, with the launch of its Research Growth Networks in July 2020. Its mission is to build a Cambridge Collections Network through stakeholder engagement and identifying joint projects in order to pursue new external research partners and funding opportunities. The RCP’s Core Principles are as follows:

  • Work collaboratively across Cambridge’s collections to develop innovative research that furthers the mission of the University.

  • Value and foster equity, diversity and inclusivity.

  • Participate fully in research collaboration, exploration, innovation and growth that will have an impact on academia and beyond.

  • Exemplify integrity and openness through collaboration.

  • Provide a forum for open and creative discussions.